Redang Island - Pulau Redang

To put things simply, Redang Island is a tropical paradise. To be more accurate, it's a group of very small islands off the coast of the Malaysian peninsula, that have the trifecta of great weather, lush jungle, and beautiful beaches - at least for six months a year (the island and it's hotels are generally deserted during monsoon season).
While Redang isn't a place to visit to experience local culture, shopping, or nightlife, it's certainly a place to come and experience beautiful surroundings and sea life. Redang is primarily visited for it's world class snorkeling and diving. Directly off the main beach on which the majority of the hotels are located, you can find a lively coral reef, where you can easily find small reef sharks and a huge variety of tropical fish. With a bit of luck, sea turtles, octopus, giant trigger fish, and moray eels are common sightings here as well.
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DSC2188 GOPR0297 GOPR0441 DSC2400
DSC2209 DSC2196  "Long Beach" or Pasir Panjang is the main beach area for most people who visit redang, with a dozen or so hotels. DSC2197 DSC2224
DSC2232 DSC2237 DSC2245  The center of Redang is covered in thick rainforrest. DSC2247
Untitled Panorama1  A ~3km walk through the jungle, and you can arrive at Teluk Delam, "Hidden Beach" DSC2308  Pure paradise. DSC2260 DSC2270
DSC2273 DSC2275 DSC2350  Reptile Hunting with my telephoto: this one was a fair bit smaller than others we saw. They are the world's second largest lizard, and can grow to 200lbs. DSC2354
DSC2397 DSC2397b DSC2366 DSC2281 b c tonemapped
DSC2296 a b c tonemapped DSC2298 DSC2433  Snorkelers at the National Marine Park. DSC2419
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DSC2369 DSC2372 DSC2411 DSC2440
GOPR0213 GOPR0287 GOPR0339 GOPR0420  Second World War merchent shipwreck
GOPR0466 GOPR0548 GOPR0563 GOPR0587
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DSC2488 DSC2500 DSC2514 DSC2518
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GOPR0378  A giant moray hiding under some coral. GOPR0381  A stargazer fish hidden in the sand DSC2556 DSC2557  Kuala Terrengganu is a medium sized port city serving many of Malaysia's eastern islands.
DSC2572 DSC2563 DSC2565  "KT" is home to a Chinatown dating back to the 17th century. DSC2152  ..and a spectacular glass floating mosque.